Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy in Merritt Island by Anna Collings

Food Healing

My favorite subject!!!    Food is herb! Herbs are food!

Herbs have been loved for their healing properties, cultural affinities and culinary preparations throughout history. Often, people admire them while still not realizing the importance and relevance they have to our health. In Chinese herbal therapy, substances ranging from from plants to animal may be used to promote the body's immune response and/or to supply nutrition to deficient systems. We use foods in much the same way in this practice.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine and even allopathic medicine, it really is a similar perspective. However, the 'alternative" therapies take it much deeper into their practice. One of my favorite authors and also the favorite in schools of Chinese Medicine is Paul Pitchford, Healing With Whole Foods. He shares the basis and much more for how food is in direct relationship with our bodies, minds and health practices.

The book about actual food healing protocols that I share with the patients in my practice is Conquering Any Disease, written by Qigong Practitioner, Jeff Primack. It is comprehensible for all who are interested in empowering themselves and their health by looking at their relationship with foods. The book is written to give a personal, reference to common foods that are harmful and the best foods for health empowerment.

I want to introduce others to new possibilities of empowerment pertaining to the role they play in their health.