Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy in Merritt Island by Anna Collings

Qigong Meditation


Qigong, stated (chi-gong) is the practice of bringing the mind to a state of awareness in the time known as NOW!

'Now' is what the meditation practitioner perceives it to be. ''

What do we do in Qigong meditation?

We will stand or for some, sit in chair.

Following the instructor and listening to music, the class moves in unison at a relaxing, soft, flowing pace.

The breath is also deep, slow and relaxed.

The student will feel challenged to let let go of more tension with every class and the mind will eventually become more focused .

Endurance will become stronger with every breath as the student learns to meet their limitations with grace on each breath.

What benefits are reaped by this state of mind?

Focus and concentration are increased by the relaxed state of mind as the attention to the now gets easier with practice.

Increased circulation is more beneficial with qigong than with any other type of exercise as it allows for the circulatory system to remain relaxed, which leaves ample room for the blood to flow. The hormones which are responsible for contraction of muscles are not impeding the blood flow as much as when walking or even swimming.

In Chinese medicine it is said that the mind leads the way for qi to open the gates for the flow of  blood.

Immunity is greatly affected as the practitioner is breathing and flowing through the exercise. Both red and white blood cells are empowered by the oxygen. The organs and lymph are massaged internally by the movement of the diaphragm and toxins are released.

Endurance and flexibility is another benefit of qigong.  Qigong looks very easy, but it will test the endurance of all that practice. Allowing for the qi to flow through and actually become the force behind the effortlessness takes practice. Once the mind, qi and blood become cooperative with each other, a person can find that they have more endurance and flexibility than they ever thought possible. I know very seemingly frail individuals that have and easier time with qigong than the strongest looking individual. The endurance and flexibility transcend into the practitioner's life as well, allowing for many tasks to flow much easier.


Why does a person want to be in the present time?

The mind, heart, nervous system and body are able to connect  and find equilibrium in a state of consciousness where there is surrender of  judgement.