Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy in Merritt Island by Anna Collings

Therapeutic Massage

There are many modalities that are available to the acupuncture and/or massage practitioner.  I use the modalities with flexibility in my practice. The session will depend on the patient, diagnosis as well as intuition regarding the therapy.

I incorporate the modalities that I have learned over many years within my practice as well as in specialized continuing education.



Shiatsu is directly in use throughout Traditional Chinese medicine practice. The meridians (pathways) are stimulated by rhythmic,  and energetic pressure and release in a pattern that flows with the circadian times.  This helps to promote an even flow of qi within the meridians, promoting health, aiding in healing and regeneration processes of the body and spirit.


Twenty-five techniques are used to aid in increasing the circulation and mobility of muscles, ligaments, joints and tissues. The meridians and acu-points are also a focus in this practice.


Reflexology is a technique which accesses  the various tissues, organs and regions of the body by the feet or hands.

Deep Tissue Gua-sha

Generates blood flow where there is significant stagnation of blood under superficial and muscular tissues of the body. Though it can be very uncomfortable, the therapy can relieve the patient of injuries that are having difficulty with progress.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle therapy used for many conditions which are affected by the lymphatic system, but mainly was developed to help with glandular blockage and swellings of the lymphatic system.


CranioSacral Therapy

 CranioSacral Therapy was developed by John E. Upledger, an osteopathic physician that studied the nature and rhythm of the individual pulse of the nervous system. It is a very quiet, gentle therapy and is helpful for many illnesses and dysfunctions. I practice both CS1 and CS2 protocols. This entails gentle work with the tissues of the body, fascia or connective tissue and bones of cranium and spine.


Qigong Healing

Qigong healing is the practice of  promoting the lineage of consciousness(mind), qi and blood. This, in turn, promotes the body's own immune system and healing functions. It is a sharing of meditation within the session, as well as energy.